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OC House of Art

Custom Listing for HPA Design Group

Custom Listing for HPA Design Group

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Thursday September 14, 6pm - 8pm

Host an unforgettable, intimate gathering at our OC House of Art LOFT location.

Enjoy a relaxing experience while we host creativity within our inspiring studio space. 

This unique, corporate wellness time is enriching and absolutely FUN.

We are temporarily suspending our good-dog-friendly status at this location, we appreciate your understanding.

Here are some details regarding hosting your event at the OC House of Art LOFT:

This listing is for a private art experience with one crafty experience guided by our very own House of Art creative chef.

Things to Know:

-   All ages welcome

-   Respect our sacred space

-   Please read the automatic download upon purchase (location/parking     guides/bungalow guidelines)

-   We cater the creative experience around the party / honoree theme

-   Crafts can get messy, dress appropriately

-   Bathroom on site

-   Paint/Glitter Free-Zone for lounging 

-   You are allowed to bring your own supplies and / or decor

-   Food/Snacks OK

-   Beverages allowed (adult too!)

-   15 max art participants (we can have a 'lounge' area for additional non participating guests) *additional fee for more participants (ADD HERE)

-  We keep windows open, but please dress accordingly for the weather


 What’s included:


-       Professional direction from our creative chef or other local creatives

-       Various Creative Experience  (can be themed based on party or honoree's interests)

-    Site rental plus 15 minutes on each end for setup and breakdown

-       All craft supplies needed for the project(s)

-       Tables and benches


Additional Fees:

Late fee of $50 per half an hour delay after end time

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us:

*Invites are provided digitally if needed - just ask! email us at  

OC House of Art is to be respected as a sacred creative space that can benefits the youth and creative individuals in our community. 


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