Why Art

Community Wellness

Art is a Powerful Tool

Every guest visiting the House of Art with an eagerness to learn, will leave with the confidence and excitement not only to challenge their-ever-growing selves, but to also seek out the beauty in an ever-changing chaotic world.

The experience of awe, problem solving and creative risks, foster the development of healthy characteristics. Promoting mental strength through learning techniques that are fun, safe and in alignment with the House of Art’s beliefs for building better and brighter futures. Anything is possible when you have the right tools (these tools often come from within) and our space is designed to help illuminate that inner strength.

Β We support our creative community, building bright futures one piece of art at a time.

Why Art for Coorperations

β€’ Coorperate wellness

β€’ Increase workplace efficiency

β€’ Streamline communication

β€’ Enrich brainstorm sessions

β€’ Elevate productivity

β€’ Intensify problem solving skillsets

β€’ Empower connection

Advance to the next level

β€’ Elevate performance

β€’ Develop resilience

β€’ Increase mental strength


β€’ Embrace experiences outside your comfort zone

β€’ Strengthen self confidence and awareness

β€’ Challenge your own insecurity / biases

β€’ Seek out truths that surprise you

β€’ Diversify your mental, physical and emotional consumption